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      Electric automobiles, electric cars and/or electric vehicles are the nomenclatures applied to the modern day electric automobile, however, it is an undeserved description. Today's electric automobiles are merely gasoline cars with electric motors and batteries - they are definitely not 'real' electric automobiles.     
        Amectran Electric Cars - the story of years of struggle to introduce new electric car technology. 
     The following documents show 41 years of striving to introduce an entirely new concept to the automobile industry and the public - the idea that it would also be electric was not received with  fervor by the automobile industry, at the time, and some even say the oil industry - rather it was like Preston Tucker's struggle to introduce new technology in 1947.
     Amectran's electric automobiles were to be cars of the future - to last for 50 to 100 years - to stay current with technology - to save money - to help the environment - in general, to be of benefit to mankind.
                      As you will find, it did not turn out that way - a great loss to the buying public.

The World's First "REAL"* Electric Automobile
*For definition of the word "REAL" in this context, please read "Technology Partners" section